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eManagerSite CMS, business web builder

eManagerSite offers its Analytics tool free of charge to any eManagerSite user.

This interactive analytics module gives you all the data you could need about your website and your virtual storefront. Track more than just visitors and hits. 

Let's say you're sending out an important email campaign tomorrow through our Email Marketing tool about a sale on tomatoes:

"50% Off Tomatoes. Today Only. Click This Link to Buy Now."

First, our analytics will inform you how many people opened that email. Then, they'll tell you how many people clicked the link in that email. Now you'll learn how long people stayed on that page, what other pages they went to, and if they actually ended up buying tomatoes because of your email.

Not only that, but you can see how far in the purchase process a customer went to: did they go to the product page?
Did they add the product to the cart? Did they go back to their cart? Did they then click to purchase? Did they complete the purchase?

Not every analytics tool can give you the answers to these questions, but eManagerSite Analytics can.


eManagerSite CMS, business web builder

And because eManagerSite Analytics is fully integrated into your site and all your tools, you can learn about everything related to your business:
  • Did you get a lot of comments on your latest blog post?
  • How many people went to your new landing page?
  • Does Customer A buy more of your products than Customer B?
  • Is your social media advertising effective?
  • Are you doing well in search results for certain keywords?

And much more. Track data for as short or as long a period as you like, and filter data based on various categories, such as demographics, referral sources, or any category you find most useful.





eManagerSite Analytics is the ultimate business management tool -- and it's only available for websites hosted on eManagerSite.

Interested in getting in-depth analytics for your site? Try a free trial today and see how much eManagerSite can offer you and your business.



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